Corporate | PV Jobs Coperate Safety Video


PVJOBS works to place at-risk individuals, veterans and students in meaningful, career-track employment in construction and related trades.

Camera operator and editor James Mills.

Corporate | Law Offices of Tacopina & Seigel

A Video compilation of one of NY’s best criminal attorneys – Joseph Tacopina.

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Edited by James Mills

Commercials | Cloaq Indiegogo

CLOAQ APPAREL IndieGoGo project provides you the chance to pre-order the CLOAQ with RadiaShield cap. The funds you pledge will be used to directly fund the completion of this project; purchasing the materials needed to manufacture your hats as well as buy equipment needed to manufacture efficiently and at a large scale.  It will also allow us to produce the apparel at our manufacturing facility minutes from downtown Los Angeles.  With your help in the near future we will offer more colors and also bring you fitted caps, hoodies, underwear & jeans.  We can’t tell you how excited and proud we are to produce a quality “MADE IN THE USA” product.  THANK YOU for taking the time to view our product!  We look forward to getting started!

Editors – Joseph Guidry and James Mills

Commercials | Cloaq

CLOAQ Apparel and RadiaShield®, makers of Belly Armor®, have teamed up to deliver a highly conductive silver textile inside CLOAQ® Apparel products with similar shielding properties to a 1/4-inch thick sheet of aluminum.

Post production by Arsenal Entertainment.


Commercials | Coast 2 Coast LIVE – Interactive Showcase Events

Coast 2 Coast LIVE is coming to a city near you to find the best upcoming artists in all genres of music! Hip Hop, Rock/Pop, House/EDM, Latin and more! Artists submit at to perform in a city near you!

Commercials | Road to Coast 2 Coast Convention 2012 – Over 20 Cities

Artists submit now to be a part of the next Coast 2 Coast Covnention or Tour!

Coast 2 Coast and celebrity judges went to over 20 major cities around the country looking for the top talent in the area to fly to Miami for Coast 2 Coast Convention 2012 as well as tons of prizes from our sponsors!

For info on Coast 2 Coast Convention 2012:

Motion graphics, editing and shooting by Arsenal Entertainment Inc.

Commercials | Great Commandment College – Leadership

James Mills directed this production for The Great Commandment College in Jefferson, Oregon. The goal was to create a commercial that conveys the GCC’s message of “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”

Commercials | Voila Communications Haiti

National Voila Wireless Services Ad
D.P. and Editor James Mills

James worked alongside director, Elizabeth Guerrin to create this commercial for Voila wireless services. The commercial feature grammy award winning artist “Wyclef Jean”

Commercial | Road to Coast 2 Coast Convention 2012

Coast 2 Coast Presents the 4th Annual Coast 2 Coast Convention 2012 in Miami, FL Labor Day Weekend! Coast 2 Coast commissioned Director James Mills to create a commercial for the upcoming Coast 2 Coast Convention using footage from months of touring for the Coast 2 Coast Industry Mixer Tour. Video included custom graphics, sound bed, and clips of models, djs, artists, celebrity judges and much more!

Commercials and E.P.K | Streetkind EPK

Streetkind is a reggae infused pop culture band from Miami Beach, Florida. They were founded in 2004 and have released two studio LPs as of date. Medicine Man and Ocean Grown are available on iTunes.

Streetkind is a Miami, Florida based band that creates their music with an authentic and edgy, pop culture spin. Reggae, Rock n Roll, and Hip Hop all culminate to make the sounds of Streetkind.